Life at Shaw | We are better together. (2024)

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (1)

Life at Shaw We create an environment where every associate finds meaning in their work because they feel empowered, accountable, safe and supported.

The success of our company and the success of our associates go hand-in-hand

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (2)

Our company strength We are a leading global floor covering provider and a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary.Our financial strength and history of excellence equate to stable work and ongoing investment in our associates.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (3)

Rewards and recognition We offer benefits to support our associates'physical, mental and financial wellness. Excellent pay, comprehensive health plans, tuition reimbursem*nt, and a variety of wellness programs are just the beginning.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (4)

A positive work environment We maintain a safe, respectful and supportive environment where everyone belongs. Our care for others extends to our communities - together with our associates, we contribute more than $4 million to community organizations each year.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (5)

Growth and development Weprovide a range of learning resources and opportunities for advancement. By providing clarity around what's needed for success in each position, associates can target training opportunities aligned with career goals.

Why Shaw?

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (6)
Incredible benefits and learning opportunities. I have been with Shaw for 28 years. I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. Upper management is knowledgeable and approachable, the benefits are amazing, and the company offers many wonderful programs and learning opportunities.

Shemica Kendricks
Inspector Operator, Plant 81

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (7)
In one word: opportunity. I've had the opportunity to meet amazing people at Shaw, experience a one-of-a-kind culture where people are truly valued, received training from a world-class company that's received accolades for its training programs, and best of all I get the opportunity to do something I love in an industry that's embraced me!

Lisa Woods
Residential Marketing Manager

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (8)
A great experience. I got hired a year ago and working for Shaw has been a great experience. Shaw has offered me the opportunity to grow and learn more of the business management.

Angela Santiago
Lift Truck Operator, Plant 34

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (9)
Shaw feels like home. The things I love most about working here are the people and the culture. Shaw truly cares about its people, which fosters a great work environment. I started with Shaw as a co-op and ended up discovering a career.

Cody Hayes
Senior Systems Developer

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (10)
Valuable work. My team and I focus on creating a recruitment strategy, specific to those early in their careers, that identifies the right people for the right opportunity at the right time. We truly are creating a better future - one hire at a time.

Tatum Sprinkle
Talent Acquisition Manager

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (11)
Commitment to work life balance. Shaw is committed to helping associates maintain work life balance, I chose Shaw because of their commitment in helping me maintain work/life balance.

Jason Kirk
Customer Specialist, Plant 72

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (12)
Opportunities and connections. Shaw has been a great place to start and grow my career. I have received ample professional growth and development opportunities through both Shaw’s internal training academy and the Dalton community. Shaw allows associates to take abbreviated assignments with other departments, which has allowed me to identify my strengths and find a position where I can thrive.

Meryl Stark
Business Analyst, CIM

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (13)
Your family away from your family. The difference is our associates; the people you work with each and every day.My team is focused on allowing associates to use their intellectual business knowledge to create actionable self-service automations that integrate AI technology into their daily work activities.Doing so helps our associates to grow their talents and help make the company more efficient.

Tommie Mack
Director, IT Systems Automation

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (14)
We help our communities. I am so proud to work for a company that supports its community so strongly, always encouraging associates to give back through volunteering. Through Shaw’s support of United Way of Northwest Georgia, I have had the rewarding opportunity to be involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters workplace mentoring program.

Kelly Guhne
Senior Graphic Designer

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (15)
A safe and pleasant work environment. I enjoy working for Shaw because they take into consideration associates’ needs and wants to help make it a safer and more enjoyable working environment. I also love how Shaw rewards us with health incentives towards our HSA for trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Thang Dinh
Lift Truck Operator, Plant 34

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (16)
Preparation for success. The wealth of education, training and advancement opportunities within Shaw surpasses anything I've found elsewhere. It is refreshing to work for a company with such a diverse and inclusive environment that empowers its people to succeed.

Matt Morrison
Communications Director

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (17)
A life changing experience.

Shaw has been a lifechanging experience for me. Leaders go above and beyond for associates. I can see a bright future here.

Tyler Cureton
Lift Truck Operator,
Plant 29

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (18)
I can be myself. The culture at Shaw is overwhelmingly the best of any place I've worked. Across the enterprise, there is an attitude of "you be you" that allows everyone to bring their best to every aspect of work. The culture inspires me to think big and cultivates individuality in every associate.

Amy Tucker
Director of Channel Marketing

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (19)
I am encouraged to be bold. Shaw hasinvestedresources to be more innovative and empowers associatesto make good decisions even if it means failing mindfully, failing fast. After 25years with Shaw, I know we can expect more change and amencouraged to be bold enough to pivot, evolve and grow.

Teresa Tran
Vice President of Shaw Floors Retail Channel

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (20)
Kind and understanding leaders.

I love working for Shaw. Our leadership is especially kind and supportive, and my fellow associates are great to work with. I feel valued here, and I take a lot of pride in the work I do.

Chad Newberry
Lift Truck Operator, Plant 54

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (21)
A compassionate employer. I am proud to work for a company that ishealthy, growing, and respected for its products and services. Shaw is not only a player on the global stage, but also a compassionate employer that genuinely cares for its associates and wants to strengthen communities and causes that matter.

Curtis Callaway
Director, Corporate Communications

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (22)
A clear example of our values. Shawsponsoredmy scholarship to attend college.Since then, joining the companyhas given me the opportunity to work with industry leaders who have graciously become my mentors. I continued to bechallengedme to improve my skills and fully exemplify our values of honesty, integrity, and passion.

Ishmal Lewis
Software Engineering Manager, CIM

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (23)
A cutlure of giving back. During my time at Shaw, I have grown both personally and professionally. Through the many educational and training opportunities, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience that has allowed me to flourish as a leader in my company and my community.

Deanna Mathis
Community Outreach and Corporate Giving

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (24)
Time with family and friends. I have worked at Shaw since 1998. I have many friends and family members that also work for Shaw, and I love getting to do my job while spending time with them. I also love that my role allows me to do something different every day.

Lynette Lawan
MTO Utility Relief, Plant 52

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (25)
Values that match mine. Ifeel like the core values at Shaw align well with my own and appreciate that we make decisionsthat positionus the supplier of choice for our customers.The company has invested in me as a person and amhonored and blessed to workwith so many wonderful and talented people.

Russell Headrick
Director, Financial Services

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (26)
It feels like being surrounded by family, joy and excitement every day.
Shaw has provided me the opportunity for cross-divisional growth. I feel challenged and empowered to bring innovative solutions to my work in order to develop successful business outcomes as well as improve personal development. It does not feel like work - it feels like family, joy, and excitement daily.

Annie Cowart
Client Contact Center

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (27)
A warm environment. Shaw is a company where diversity is embraced. I have been on a lot of committees at our plant, and I’m constantly amazed by the representation within each one. It’s encouraging to work for a company that welcomes all people and provides opportunities for everyone to grow.

Joann Fleetwood
Expeditor, Plant 52

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (28)
A leader in the industry. I like that I have the opportunity to work for an industry leader and a company that is so connected with the community.I am able to create a better future by giving back to our community through our partnership with organizations including United Way and Junior Achievement.

Eric Taylor
Government Sales Contract Administrator

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (29)
I have always had opportunities. During my career, Shaw hasexperienced booming and lean economic conditions, but through it all, there have always been opportunities.Being with Shaw now for nearly 20years, I know I made the right choice!

Joanna Cantrell
Divisional Claims Manager

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (30)
A space for creative problem solving. The processes at Shaw offer a unique outlet for creative problem solving. Through the creation of sustainable products, manufactured in a safe work environment, that exceed our consumers’ expectations, wecreate a better future for our associates, customers, and communities.

Ben Brigham
Industrial Engineering Manager

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (31)
Learn, grow and develop. Since 1990, Shaw has provided me the opportunity to learn, grow and develop and I have benefited greatly in my journey.Shaw values its people, their ideas and their futures. I feel empowered and challenged every day to be the very best I can possibly be.

Amanda James
Fabrication Manager

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (32)
A leader in the industry with a great reputation. Shaw is an industry leader with a great reputation as a place to work, great products and great people. I enjoy my role developing customer relationships and coaching sales teams to be proactive, accountable and candid.

Desiree Perkins
Vice President of Strategic Accounts

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (33)
The ability to make a difference. Shaw provides its employees the springboard that allows us to make a difference. In each of the positions I have held since joining the company in 2006, I have had the opportunity to solve problems and make the company better. I enjoy coming to work each day knowing we have the opportunity to do that.

Robert Davidson
Manager, Project Administration

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (34)
Exceeds expecations. I strive daily to exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers. With some guidance, this is accomplished safely and efficiently by my staff of highly trained and motivated associates.

Jesse Crawford
Frontline Supervisor

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (35)
Unmatched company reputation. I chose Shaw because of the company’s amazing reputation for supporting associates and providing growth opportunities for everyone. I also have several family members who work for the company. My dad retired from Shaw after 30 years with the company.

Maria Avila-Castillo
Shipping/Receiving Lead, Plant 1S

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (36)
Open to new ideas. I love working for Shaw because they are open to new ideas and offer a variety of experiencesregardlessof your position. I work in design, but I also alongside manufacturing, marketing, advertising and sales. This gives me a really well-rounded understanding of the company as a whole. Shaw is a company that cares about its people and works to help them grow in the areas thatinterestthem.

Ashley Olson
Design Director

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (37)
Professional growth opportunities. I have been with Shaw for 18years.I enjoy working for Shaw because of the opportunities for career growth.I am in my sixth different position with the company,all of which have been promotions.I feel that Shaw values itsemployees and truly demonstrates that people are its greatest asset.

Fluerette Fitch
Director of Quality Assurance

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (38)
A company that cares.

Shawis family. My manager genuinely cares for my welbeing and our benefits are first class! Shaw never ceases to amaze me. So my question is: why not Shaw? We are waiting for YOU!

Desiree Moore
Coordinator, Plant 72
Life at Shaw | We are better together. (39)
A career, not just a job. I was looking for a career, not another job. I am responsible for the technology training for new hires and our existingsales team both domesticallyand internationally. I help those I work with look at ordinary situations in a different, more inclusive way.

Brandon Blair
Sales Enablement and Communications Manager

We are better together

Shaw Associate Resource Groups harness and enable members' talents and goals, foster innovation and provide insight into potential business opportunities. By creating an environment where diverse perspectives are heard and valued, we support growth for our people, our communities and our customers.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (40)


Connecting and developing Hispanics and Latinos to drive innovation and growth.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (41)


Recognizing and harnessing the power of physical, emotional and neurological diversity.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (42)


Championing a respectful, inclusive, and collaborative environment that supports LGBT+ associates and allies.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (43)

Sales Cultural Council

Building a One Shaw culture through a connected and empowered salesforce.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (44)


Advocatingfor military service members, veterans, and their families.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (45)


Developing a network of support that nurtures and highlights opportunities for Blackassociates.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (46)

Women's Innovation Network

Unleashing the full potential of women at Shaw Industries.

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (47)


Enhancinginnovation by weaving Asian & Pacific Islander perspectives in the workplace.

What our leaders are saying

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (48)


Vulnerability is not a weakness. It is the birthplace of innovation. Bonnie Buckley Power of Vulnerability

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (49)


Innovation can come from any associate at any time. Creating an environment that spurs innovation is a responsibility we all share. Torrance Ford Closing the Innovation Gap

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (50)


People make decisions, people execute the work, and people drive results...focus on them, challenge them, invest in them. Doug Morgan People are the Key to Success

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (51)


No matter how many people work here, your ideas, your values, your story will remain unique - that is your advantage! Ingrid Redmond Your Perspective is Your Advantage

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (52)


Automation is about liberation - freeing human effort, freeing our mental capacities for bigger and better things. Ishmal Lewis Engage the Mind on Cruise Control

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (53)


True partnership requires that you build trust across your team. Barrett Morton Collaboration Drives Innovation

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (54)


Performance management is not a once-a-year event, but a daily ongoing activity. John Cravey The Engine to Shaw's Future

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (55)


I have proven that passion, knowledge and learning new skills can break down barriers and create new opportunities.

Adrian Velasquez Owning My Own Development
Life at Shaw | We are better together. (56)


Demonstrating inclusive leadership is a competency relevant to every level at Shaw. Troy Virgo The Courage to Lead

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (57)


It is nearly impossible to do anything that will have a significant impact by yourself. You need help. That help can come from people of different levels, skill sets and experiences. Jeff Wright Make a Difference

Life at Shaw | We are better together. (58)


Identify the competencies and metrics that are most critical for your associates and use them to have regular, open and candid performance discussions. Russell Headrick Striking Out Evaluation Bias

Join our talent community

We will notify you about relevant positions and hiring events and keep you updated on exciting new happenings at Shaw Industries.


Life at Shaw | We are better together. (2024)


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